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What are the types of Mutual fund?

Ashish Kumar
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There are Various types of Mutual Funds which are answered below ~

Depending Upon Mutual Fund Schemes :-

  1. Open Ended Funds
  2. Close Ended Funds
  3. Interval Funds

Depending Upon Management of Funds :-

  1. Actively Managed Funds
  2. Passively Managed Funds

Depending Upon Assets Invested in Mutual Funds :-

  1. Equity Funds/Equity Oriented Funds
  2. Debt Funds
  3. Liquid Funds
  4. Hybrid Funds

Depending Upon Investment Objective :- 

  1. Growth Funds
  2. Dividend Funds/ Income Funds
  3. Value Funds

Lastly, Some Special Funds :-

  1. Index Funds
  2. Exchange Traded Funds
  3. Thematic Funds ( Theme or Sector Based Funds)
  4. Tax Saving Funds
  5. International Funds
  6. Retirement Funds
  7. Children Funds