How to Use Transferwise/Wise

In this post, we will learn How to Use Transferwise/wise or How to transfer money using Transferwise.

Transferwise (or now Wise) is perhaps the best online bank / transfer service I have ever come across to. Transferwise is indeed a fully legitimate financial services company. TransferWise saves you money by taking a small percentage of the transaction, rather than having you pay a credit card transaction fee or a bank transfer fee.

Steps for How to Use Transferwise/Wise :-

1. Register for free.

Sign up online or in transferwise app for free. All you need is an email address, or a Google or Facebook account.

2. Choose an amount to send.

Next step is to mention how much money you want to send. It will show you upfront fees and will show you when your money should arrive.

Make your first free International transfer using transferwise upto 500 GBP/25000 INR

3. Add recipient’s bank details.

Fill in the details of your recipient’s bank account.

4. Verify your identity.

For some currencies, or for large transfers, transferwise need a photo of your ID. This helps them to keep your money safe.

5. Pay for your transfer.

Send your money with a bank transfer.

6. That’s it.

You can track your transfer in your account, and transferwise will tell your recipient that it’s coming.

This is how to use Transferwise/wise.

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