Transferwise Review – Whether Reliable and Trustworthy

Hey everyone! Today I will share the Transferwise Review. Transferwise (or now Wise) is perhaps the best online bank / transfer service I have ever come across to. Transferwise is indeed a fully legitimate financial services company.

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In this post i am not just going to share the transferwise review but will also tell you about the different features that transferwise has. I’ll try to explain what exactly you need to understand about this platform. How it can benefit you and then you can make up your own choice whether you want to sign up for an account or not. I almost can guarantee that after reading this post, you will want to get an transferwise account. By the way I do have special promotions and bonuses for everyone.

So first of all I want to say is that transferwise is one of my all-time favorite money transfer service. I absolutely love it. I have been using it for years and years and i recommend it to you, every single friend of mine. I feel like I’m working as their spokesperson. What is it ? In a nutshell, it’s basically a website that allows you to transfer money between different currencies for a lot…a lot cheaper rate and not just rate but actually the transfer costs are cheaper as well.

So first of all I am telling  you about the Top Features of transferwise which will be the basis for my transferwise review :-

1. Transferwise allows you to choose your different currency.

Transferwise Review

2. You can see how much money you are saving up exactly.

Transferwise Review

3. Transferwise also show you what your recipient would receive if you are using some of these other options.

Transferwise Review

                                              Perfect Example of Saving : Transferwise Vs Paypal – 

You save around 40-45 dollars on transferwise as compare to paypal, when transferring just $1000 and this is just the difference between transferring between using paypal and using transferwise and this is one of the reasons why I said that most likely you’re definitely want to create an account after seeing this because you can save up so much money.

4. It show you exact rate what you are getting and this rate is very very close to what you see on google and this is much cheaper than any other bank.

I have different bank accounts with different european banks, united states banks but none of my banks provide as good exchange rates as transferwise does.

5. Wise provide different currency routes.

6. It has a lot bunch of currencies to choose from.

7. Best trustpilot score of 4.6 stars among its competitors

Transferwise Review

8. Usually the transfers are pretty quick .Transferwise most of the time tell you that it’s going to arrive a little bit later but actually most of the time it’s almost instant. for example i am filming this on July 5th and they show July 7th but usually this transfer would only take around maybe 10 to 15 minutes rather than two days. but i think they always just try to save the play on the safe side.

9. You can basically create different balances so you can have different bank accounts in different currencies. So you can have multiple different currency accounts so let’s say you can have an account that’s a european account you can have an account that is in united states dollars you can have an account that has british pounds so on and so forth and you can keep different currencies in different accounts.

for example if you are working with someone let’s say a company that is based in united states and they’re paying you in your american dollars then you can have them to transfer the money directly to your transferwise account. and let’s say maybe you’re european and you only have account that has euros so you are going to pay a lot in the transfer fees whereas here you can create that bank account that has european details and american details and they can directly transfer dollars to your account. OR The other way around, if you want to receive euros, then you can have a european bank account and you can get europeans to send euros to you. for example you are working with different clients, means you have clients in europe and you have clients in united states and let’s say that the united states client is paying you in usd and the freelancers that are working for you, they are european so then you would need to take american dollars and convert them into euros and make that transfer for your freelancers but because here you can have multiple accounts you can use money from another client that paid you in euros and pay your freelancers in those euros and just keep this account in american dollars so perhaps later when you work with freelancers that are based in united states, you can pay them from the american bank account. In that way you are doing less exchange.I hope that it makes sense. I feel like it might sound a little bit complicated but this is just one of the ways how i use these accounts. It just allows me to do a little bit less exchange between the currencies.

10. You can see exactly whether they support a currency that you need.

They don’t have every single currency but they have 50 different currencies which is really a lot and they are constantly adding new currencies i think when i first signed up they only had a handful so they are definitely working hard on having more and more currencies.

11. You can also send money to 80 plus different countries and again this is constantly increasing .

You would be wondering how exactly do you get money into your transferwise account. It is very very simple to top it up, you can just use your bank account or just use bank transfer to top it up. You have all of the bank account information so if you want to do a transfer from your bank to transferwise, you can just do a transfer and quickly transfer money.

Also if let’s say you are collecting payments with paypal, you can also just take these transferwise bank details and put them in into your paypal as the bank account where you want to transfer your funds and then from paypal you can transfer the funds to transferwise and then from transferwise it’s a lot cheaper to be transferring the money anywhere else.

If you’re one of those people that feels very uncomfortable with all the online banking all that kind of stuff i do have to say that transferwise has a really amazing and simple interface. So it’s very simple –

You can see

  • all of your different accounts with different currencies
  • all of your activity
  • your balances and top-ups

You can create different recipients which makes the transfers very simple.

It is very very simple and easy to set up and to use. It’s really a no-brainer. If you still have query as to how to transfer money using transferwise, then please checkout this blog on

I hope you find this post useful. This was the complete transferwise review.

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